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History of wedding (Marriage) What is weddings


Marriage is not just a function that happens one time in our life, it is a very Ancient idea. The Holy books of GOD suggests us that marriage goes right back to Adam and Eve. They made for each other Holy Prophet Essa (A.S) teach us about marriage it is an exclusive and unbreakable relation and forging a new family. Marriage is a part of GOD plan for us. Also no big wonder! A good marriage is solid and life giving as you will find as you read thought of this section. A good marriage can change our life style and secure environment. Our marriage develops along with us. A wedding ceremony is associated rituals by which two individuals promise to use their lives together in marriage. it is a celebration of partnership and love a marriage may also include legal or religious significance according to their Ancient.
A wedding is not just about a wedding. it is exchange of ideas among couple and their family and friends.

Different religions have their own culture and their own rituals which belong to their traditions and ceremonies. in these culture brides are decorated in various ways for wedding ceremonies. The bridal are decorated with bridal Mehndi designes or Henna on both hands and feet and that is called a great significance.. In Middle East countries the bridal takes a ceremonial bath before a few days of wedding. Hundreds of guests are invited Families that are more traditionalist in their rituals mostly avoid such luxurious marriage because it is viewed as unnecessary expense.
They prefer to gift a handsome amount to the couple so they can start their new life easily…..



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